Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Talk Lars Prigge


Untersuchung qualitätsrelevanter Fahrzeugeigenschaften für Innenraumkommunikationssysteme

Date: 08.09.2014, 11:00 h - 11:30 h
Room: Aquarium

Lars Prigge
CAU Kiel, Germany


The communication inside a vehicle can be impaired due to a high background noise occurring at higher velocities. An In-Car communication system (ICC system) is capable of improving this impaired situation. Such a system records the speech signal of the talking passenger and plays back the enhanced speech signal via the loudspeakers inside the vehicle. First vehicles, e.g. V class of Mercedes Benz, can be ordered with an ICC system.
In order to evaluate such systems two different approaches, a subjective and an objective one, may be considered. The objective evaluation by means of instrumental methods is currently being investigated and first ideas have been published. The evaluation results not only offer the possibility to determine the quality of one system, but also to compare different systems. These different systems are working in different environments respectively in different vehicles, which can vary in the complexity for an ICC system. For example the background noise occurring at high speeds or the distance between the loudspeakers and microphones used can vary. These different properties of a vehicle, therefore, do affect the quality of an ICC system.

In this work, the impact of some vehicle characteristics on the quality of an ICC system should be investigated. Therefore, some main properties need to be selected since not all are affecting the quality of an ICC system. Subsequently, methods and algorithms have to be identified and implemented in order to measure the selected properties. After collecting all information of the different vehicles, the importance for the ICC system evaluation should be investigated.