Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Talk Gerold Baier

Gerold_Baier    The Dynamics of Epilepsy
Date: 02.12.2013, 17:15 h - 18:15 h
Room: Aquarium

Dr. Gerold Baier
University of London, UK


The epilepsies are a disorder of the human brain which manifest as abnormal spatio-temporal rhythms. Recent advances in brain imaging and microsensor  techniques have resulted in high-resolution multiscale measurements in patients, i.e. in vivo. However, the analysis of this complex signals is hampered by the lack of a spatio-temporal model of the underlying brain processes.


I present recent approaches to the computational modelling of the epileptic rhythms based on nonlinear dynamics of hierarchical brain networks. Unlike animal experiments the computational models can be optimised to the clinical data and predictions can be made that are tailored to the individual patient. I will also argue that the representation of epileptic brain signals as spatial audio allows an intuitive access to these intricate rhythms.