Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Talk Merikan Koyun


Complexity Management in a Real-Time, Ultra-Wideband, Multi-Channel Audio Conferencing System

Date: 01.08.2013, 13:30 h - 14:30 h
Room: Aquarium

Merikan Koyun
CAU, Kiel, Germany,


Conferencing systems are becoming increasingly popular and are frequently used not only in professional work environments, but also in households. Not just reliability and low latency are key factors for these systems, but also the audio and video signal quality and especially the computational complexity for the devices to run the accompanying software. This thesis introduces approaches to lower the computational complexity and latency in a realtime, ultra-wideband, multi-channel audio transmission, without losing audible quality of the signal. It deals with the sound processing of the ultra-wideband, multi-channel, conferencing system by means of filter bank subband reduction and reconstruction techniques. The implementation of a first approach on complexity reduction in terms of a selective subband reduction and reconstruction by linear interpolation in the existing conferencing system is presented along with some results and evaluation. The presentation will include a live demonstaration of the system.