Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Talk Maria Glukhova

Automatic Evaluation of In-Car Communication Systems within a Real-Time Framework (in English)

Date: 31.05.2012, 13:30 h - 14:00 h
Room: Aquarium

Maria Glukhova
CAU, Kiel, Germany


The aim of an In-Car Communication system (ICC system) is to improve the impaired communication situation within a vehicle. The Impairment occurs due to an increased background noise level, originating from an incrementation of the velocity, and the fact the the passengers are talking towards the windshield. The main idea of an ICC system is to record the speech signal of the talking passenger via microphones and play back this speech signal, after some signal enhancement, via the loudspeakers located nearby the listening passenger.

After the development of such the system the question arises, how well does such a system actually work. Besides there are up till now no standards for evaluation published or settled yet. Therefor, the aim of this thesis was, to find some first methods to evaluate an ICC system. This can for example be done by applying already known evaluation standards from different application and analyzing the quality of these standards within the given scenario. As well as the evaluation of the single components of an ICC system might be of interest to evaluate an ICC system.